If you have come back to read my blog, then you have come here for one question. Why? Why did I choose to make a blog on this subject? Why compare two very unrelated things?

The answer to the first question is actually very  simple, because I as a gamer, needed to improve and as I did, I noticed other people did too. I heard Total Biscuit screaming about how bad players are. I listened to Octale and Hordak talking about how the player base needed to improve. I understood what they were saying, but they offered no suggestions on HOW to get better! All they did was complain. They didn’t want to take the time to teach people. (and yes, it takes time to teach)

The answer to the second question is much more complex. As I was attempting to improve my play, I noticed that if I was with better players my play improved. I noticed that as I played with people I knew really well my play also improved. There was a synergy. Firefighting is very much the same way. As I drill with good firefighters, I improve. (perfect practice makes perfect) As I drilled with my crew, I improve. (Team cohesiveness) The answer lies in that primarily World of Warcraft at max level is a team game, PvP or PvE doesn’t matter they are both team based.

Firefighters talk about teamwork a lot. Phrases like “The Brotherhood” are used to describe the fraternity of firefighters. I have heard on many occasions that “Firefighters take care of their own”.  These reflect an attitude of togetherness, of high levels of team integrity. If this attitude is brought to gaming, you and your friends will be unstoppable.

Improving your gaming takes work (and lots of it), just as firefighters drill on specific skills they will use on a fire ground (ladder drills, hose drills,  extrication drills, etc.) you will also have to put in hard work. I know it makes it sound like a job and not a pass time but I promise you that you will have more fun as you get to explore deeper into raid dungeons, or win at PvP more often.

With this in mind we start on our journey together.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on April 17, 2010.

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