Be careful what you vent!

Communication is a key to success, in-game or on the fire ground people live and die with communication. (you just can’t rez on a fire ground)-distasteful joke, I know.

On the fire ground firefighters use radios to communicate everything. Radios are a one direction medium where if two people try to communicate at the same time one of them will lose. (firefighters call this being walked on) On a fire ground a failure like that could lead to death or injury of a firefighter or a civilian. We use a term called Radio Discipline to describe when it is appropriate to use a radio to communicate. Basically, the Incident Commander (IC) will send out orders or requests for information and (with few exceptions) the people he asks are the only ones who should be talking to him. Acknowledging an order is usually done with a simple repeat back of what was ordered. Information requests can be more lengthy but still are kept to observations. (opinions are not used) The one big exception to this is when information has to come from the inside of the scene back to the IC, such as an imminent collapse, trapped firefighter, or a civilian victim being found. (usually called Emergency Traffic)

Now lets put this in gaming terms. We use a one direction medium called Ventrillo (Vent) to communicate in games, this program allows for a raid leader (equivalent to an IC) to give orders to a raid group. With good communication skill we can have the same discipline on Vent that firefighters use at emergencies. Let the raid leader talk, don’t walk on him. Don’t talk on Vent during a raid unless the raid leader addresses you and then only to repeat an order back or to give observational information. Use Vent to send information from the inside out only when necessary to let the raid leader know when you see something important that he might not know (patrol, dead Shaman, etc.)

I know a lot of guilds (including mine) like to use Vent as a social tool before and after raids. During a raid use guild chat and raid chat for your social communication and let the raid leader have Vent for his communication. (you will be more successful if you do) Also, if you are a bench sitter listening to a raid, don’t talk. The reason you would be listening is to learn, don’t be part of the communication problem.

Remember, Vent discipline will make a big difference, try it out.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on April 22, 2010.

One Response to “Be careful what you vent!”

  1. This is great info. To many times I have seen this happen. I have tried to run raids with guilds that pug me in and more time is spent yelling at each other or making jokes than doing any raiding. I love the idea of Vent discipline.

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