Are you nuts? Well actually….

When people talk about firefighters they often like to mention how brave we are. (hogwash) I also sometime hear people ask, how can you run into a burning building while everyone else is running out. The answer is simple….

…..shear stupidity mixed with a little knowledge.

Firefighters are armed with the knowledge that the gear they wear will help protect them in a fire. They have spent hours training in rooms filled with fire, smoke, and debris. They have spent hours in a classroom learning the signs of flash over. (a bad situation in a fire where all the contents of a room suddenly explode with fire) They know what to look for if the building is going to collapse. They also know exactly what they are willing to give up to save a life.

Firefighters also fight fire for the fun of it. Fire has a very mesmerizing power. The physical exertion mixed with the emotional excitement provide a rush that I think might be akin to drugs. (I wouldn’t know, never used any) The euphoria of saving a house (or potentially a life) is completely addictive.

I know, I know where am I going with this…..

On solid wipe nights (or progression nights as they are sometimes called) keep in mind what I said about firefighting. Wiping over and over again can be fun. Go into it informed, learn the strategies, know your job, trust your buddies. Go into it for the mesmerizing power of the first boss kill. Try to get caught up in the excitement of almost beating the fight. Enjoy the complex nature of asking yourself “what went wrong on that attempt”. Most of all Have Fun. (the gold will take care of itself, and if not maybe your guildies will bail you out this week)

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on April 23, 2010.

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