Faking It.

In an emergency emotions tend to get heightened. It is like turning up an amplifier to eleven. Emotions also spread like the plague during these situations. So how does a firefighter console or reassure someone who potentially lost their home. They show confidence. Sometimes this confidence is true, occasionally we can trust our team can make the save. Occasionally we have to fake it. This confidence, fake or real, is also very addictive. It helps people stay calm. It helps people feel a bit of comfort. If it makes the situation better, even if it is fake, that is our job. Pure and simple firefighters are there to improve the situation. (that is why firefighters do more than fight fires)

You can use this to your advantage in-game. After a wipe, on a losing side of a battle ground, faking confidence can make a difference. It can fill yourself with the resolve to win and more importantly it can fill your team with confidence. This confidence can sometimes launch you to success.

Early in Wrath, three friends and I went to UK-heroic for our very first heroic run. We were not really well geared but we picked up a Naxx geared rogue to join us. We struggled through the run and eventually got to the last boss. We wiped three times on this boss, but every time we wiped the rogue would say, “nice try, I know we can do it”. The very last time I was pretty much spent (I was tanking) but his words spurred me on to try again. We of course downed him, he dropped some great loot for our group and we never had problems with him again.

So in summary, stay confident, or at least fake it. You will see a difference in the way you play and in the way your team plays.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on May 4, 2010.

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