Always good to have back-ups.

Sometimes fire scenes are too big for the initial companies to combat on their own. Some times additional resources need to be called out, EMS, Police, Power Company, Public Works. Sometimes these resources can take a long time to get on scene, so Incident Commanders are taught to have those resources sent the moment you think you might need them. They are also taught that it is better to turn them around after you find out they are not needed than to delay calling them and find out they are vital to the save. Some times mutual aid fire companies are really well-trained and really well equipped, at other times they are not. The worst time to figure this out is when you need them most, this is why Fire departments will occasionally do regional training. This allows everyone to know what the other departments bring to the table. It also allows for the better trained, better funded departments to pass on what they know and filter older, but useful, equipment to the departments that need it most.

Think about how this can apply to your raid teams. Having back-ups to your raid team can be near vital to your success. You will want those back-ups ready to deploy when you need them most, at the start of your raid time. This means that you want to encourage people to sign up and be logged in ready to go at the start even if they are not going on the raid. (this might mean providing some incentives to those bench players) You also want these people well geared and well-trained. What this means to your raid team is that you want these people to actually come participate in the raids occasionally. Make sure they are getting vital gear that they need, make sure they are learning how your raids run, make sure they are learning basic raiding. It might even help a bit to take these bench players to a raid tier lower and do some raiding at that level to get the practice. Never leave a back-up on the back burner to long and always treat your back-ups with respect, or they may go someplace where they are not a back-up anymore.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on May 5, 2010.

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