Send me in Coach….

All effective teams have a leader, and organizations often have tiers of leadership. Most fire departments structures go Chief to Assistant Chief to Station Captain to Crew, with modifications in between based on the size of the department. Each of these tiers require a certain skill set to be effective, but they all have one very important skill they all must have. Coaching is the ability to instruct or advise others. Firefighting is interesting in that often the person who is coaching used to be at the level of the people who he is overseeing. In some organizations that are small, the Chief may actually have been, at one time, a member of the crew.

In game, coaching can be used effectively at all levels of your guild. Guild Leaders should be coaching their officers on how they should be doing their job. Guild officers, or the guild leader should be coaching the raid leaders. Raid Leaders should be coaching their teams. In order for this to be effective it helps if the guild leader was once an officer in another guild, that way they know the responsibility and the frustrations of being an officer. Officers should have been, at one time, raid leaders that way they know the responsibilities and frustrations of that job. Raid leaders should have been just a raider at one time, maybe even having experience in different roles on the raid team. I currently am a guild officer and can say that I have been a raid leader. (just not in my guild) I have raided as a healer, as a caster, and as melee. (I never got the chance to tank a raid but always wanted the experience) I know and understand what it takes to be a raid leader and a raider. I have also been a part of pre-made battle ground teams, just never the leader. (I have never done arena, not my cup of tea) All of this makes me a good coach when asked for advice or when some one needs a bit of instruction.

When coaching, don’t let problems get too big. Often you can solve the problem while it is almost a non-issue. Try to be the kind of person people like to talk with.  Be creative when solving problems, sometimes you have to think outside the box. Try to focus on one problem at a time, people hate it when you throw a big list of changes at them. Listen as much as you talk, maybe even a bit less. (people sometimes find their own solutions that way) Remember you are team and not a dictatorship, let people share their opinions on change. Sometimes you are the source of your problem, make sure you are looking at the whole picture and not just at your team. Try to get your satisfaction out of the success of your team and not your personal achievements. With the exception of the guild leader, remember there are others in your role to bounce ideas off of before you present them to your team.

Coaching is very important to your team, try it out.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on May 11, 2010.

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