Resto Shaman… Fireman-style

I figured I would write a couple of posts about how I play my toons. These pieces will be spread out a bit to give me time to give good advice about what I play. I figured I should start by talking about my main toon’s main spec. Restoration Shaman.

Shaman was not the first class I rolled, in fact it wasn’t in the first ten I rolled. I leveled as Enhancement and enjoyed it quite a bit. Thank the lord that eventually my guild needed a raid healer, so I re-spec’d to Restoration. I still have Enhancement as a dual-spec, but rarely use it unless I am in a group that needs melee and doesn’t need my healing or I go questing at level mobs, so basically on rare guild runs. (and most times if they need melee, I take my rogue)

So lets talk about stat selection on my Shaman: I gem for primarily Spell Power and Haste, I enchant mostly for Spell Power. Intellect, Spell Crit,  and Regeneration seem to come on the gear. (Don’t forget that you have water shield for regeneration, keep it up all the time) Basically I try to make my normal heals hit harder and bring my cast times down. Most new Resto Shaman hate the spec because they find it hard to heal, the problem is they don’t focus enough on haste to bring their cast times down enough to make them efficient. I think the goal is to get as close to a two second cast time on chain heal with Wrath of Air on the ground as you can.

Spells used: Because of Blizzards design I use Riptide every 12-13 seconds both to keep up my totem proc, my 2-piece Tier 10 proc, and the effect of the spell. The Riptide effect only helps if the person taking the Riptide is then the target of Chain Heal before the buff falls off. I use grid to track who still has the effect. The other spell I use is, of course, Chain Heal. I also use Grid to track who my chain heals bounce to. I use Chain Heal for my primary raid heal role. When I have the opportunity to tank heal, on fights that have high tank damage, I use Healing Wave instead of Chain Heal but I still use Riptide for the Totem and Tier procs, as well as the reduced casting time on the Healing Wave. Lastly, when I am in either role I always put my Earth Shield on a tank and I always keep Water Shield on myself. (I use Totem Manager to help handle both my shields and my totem timers) I usually do not drop Mana Spring Totem because I usually have a paladin to give Blessing of Wisdom. (The totem will erase any Blessing of Wisdom you receive so do not drop it if you have the blessing unless you want to tick off your paladin) I do use Wrath of Air totem for the haste buff for my heals, but may if I have a heavy melee group use Windfury totem. I use Stoneskin totem most of the time to reduce incoming damage, but will on occasion stand next to the boss and drop Earthbind totem to increase a mages chance to have Torment of the Weak, but only if I am supposed to stack on the tank. I use Flametongue and Healing Stream totems most of the time, but I also put down resistance totems if the fight calls for it. I also have been known to use Searing totem when there is an Elemental Shaman in the group. I have macros set up for Windshear and Purge which allow me to use them on my targets’ target. This aids in many fights were interrupts and offensive cleanse come in handy. (Lord Jaraxxas, Lady Deathwhisper, etc.) I also have a macro that combines my cooldowns with trinkets. You can see these and many more macros in the macro thread on the WoW Discussion Forum of the boards for Inside Azeroth. (Link on this page)

It is very important as a Shaman to find a good spot to heal from. If you have seen any of  the Insider videos on YouTube you will see that I like to find a spot ahead of time and stay there. On the Lady Deathwhisper fight you will notice that when the adds are up I am usually on that side with the post between me and Lady Deathwhisper. This allows me to, most of the time, set up in a spot and heal without moving. I will also let you know that I use Tuskarr’s Vitality on my boots to increase movement speed. Unlike some other healing classes it is hard for Shaman to heal on the move, this makes running dungeons with bad, chain pulling tanks very hard. If you are with a  tank that knows how to pull two or three  groups and then stop, healing becomes very easy. Allow Earthshield to protect him during the pull and put a Riptide on him just before the pull. One other good tip is that if you have an Assassination Rogue in your group it is often easier to focus your heals to the melee group at him, as they receive more healing if talented, and this will increase the bounces of your Chain Heal. (they also tend to be a bit squishier)

Why this toon is my main: I love the versatility of being able to do both solid tank heals (by no means as good as a paladin) and be able to be great at raid heals. (I know druids are still better) I also like the fact that in Cataclysm they are going to give this same feeling of versatility to Holy Priests. (and everyone else, although not to the same extent) I also like the totems, being able to change-up what I am giving to the group in the way of buffs is very nice.

My wish from Blizzard for this class: now that our bloodlust is going to be carried by another class, can we please have a stamina boosting spell. Shaman are the only healing class without one and I don’t want that to be why someone else gets left out of the raid. (I still don’t know why they gave bloodlust to a pure class, should have been a hybrid in my opinion)

I hope this post helps you play the shaman class. For questions about spec and glyphs please see the Elitist Jerks thread on Restoration Shaman or you can leave a question on the Inside Azeroth’s WoW Discussion boards and I will be happy to discuss them. (btw, don’t just copy my spec as it has educated modifications due to my playing style and may not necessarily be right for you) To those who know this stuff better than me, I say, constructive comments are fine, but calling me an idiot doesn’t help anyone.

Until next time,

Don’t Stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on May 15, 2010.

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