Gratitude and Appreciation.

I read Zephon’s most recent post and it got me to thinking, what is the power of gratitude and appreciation? As a firefighter I often get both of these in abundance from people who I neither serve nor protect. I am not a firefighter in their area, why do they have gratitude towards me? When I served in the military I understood, it was because people like me served to protect their families and their way of life. It wasn’t me specifically, but people just like me. This just doesn’t feel the same as a firefighter. (now that I read what I wrote, I think I understand) Confusion aside, these comments always make me feel good inside. I feel like I am doing the right thing. I feel like my work counts for something. The only gratitude, in regards to work, that feels better is when I am noticed by a peer or supervisor. (sometimes even that is debatable)

Zephon suggested in his post (and you really should go read it yourself) that we should show this same gratitude and appreciation to our raid leaders. I say to him that you are both right and wrong. I think there should be appreciation both up and down the chain. Now I am not talking about some hippy love-in, I am talking about expressing appreciation when it is deserved. If someone is doing great things leading your raid, they should hear that over vent. If a healer did an outstanding  job on a boss fight, he should hear it too. Appreciation should always be given with sincerity, never fake. This is something I always hoped I was good at but never knew for sure. (I guess I should ask sometime if people feel that I appreciate them, because I hear all the time how they appreciate me)

This is something I think I am going to work on a bit more in my gaming life, I hope you will too.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on May 18, 2010.

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