Is it only a game?

I am having an issue, one that I don’t quite understand myself. I love raiding. I love challenge. I love teamwork. BUT… I keep running with people who think this is more than what I think it is…  A GAME!

It is a game I have invested a lot of time into. It is a game I have invested a lot of money into. It is a game I take seriously. It is also a game in which I try not to waste other peoples time. (they have the same investment) So why do people treat this game as if it were life and death. Why is it that if different people make  mistakes that wipes the raid on the first, second or fifth attempt they feel the need to get angry or upset. (especially when one of the wipes was on them)

The whole point of progression raiding is to learn the fight, people WILL  make mistakes until it clicks for everyone, not just the few who may have seen it several times before the group gets there. Last night we one shot Blood Princes on only my second time seeing the fight even though three dps and one healer were not flasked up, one of which was the loudest when we started wiping on the Blood Queen. I saw a lot of mistakes, a few made by me, but I also saw improvement. Each real attempt got us closer and closer to our goal, I was ecstatic when we got through a fight and hit the enrage timer.

Now, we did have a few face pulls during this, inexcusable. We did have one major healing mistake, also inexcusable. (It was my mistake and I will own that one) There was nothing that occurred that night which should have upset someone so much as to create a giant grumbling battle. Remember when I said emotions are contagious, this is another example, one person shows a lot of frustration on vent and pretty soon it catches on like wild fire. This is not only inexcusable, it shows down right disrespect to the others who know enough to keep their trap shut.

Just so every one knows, by the end of the night I knew myself why we were not successful. I wasn’t getting everyone topped off before the third Blood Bolt Whirl. This is due to me stacking a bit of spell power on to my gear from gems rather than focusing on haste to get my heals off quicker. (which was done to provide flexibility for possible tank heals)  If there was going to be a next time I would say I would have my gear fixed next time, but I was only filling in for a justifiably absent raid healer for that group. (I still took the time to changes my gems back around a bit)

I am glad that I am going on vacation soon and will be taking a break away from this game to recharge my batteries. I hope that by the time I get back that the grumbling will stop and I can start having fun in the game again.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on May 28, 2010.

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