Playing it right.

After weeks of frustration at the groups that I have run with, I found a team that is doing things right. Mages drop tables and portals without being asked. Warlocks open closets and drop cookies with no prompting. Everyone is flasked, fish feasts are dropped, and everyone listens intently to the raid leader for instructions. When we wipe, and we do wipe, everyone just gets back in, re-buffs, listens to the adjustments and right back at it. Vent discipline is insane, almost to the point of believing people are to shy to speak. During breaks everyone has fun, getting pets out, dancing, and Nogginfogger flows like milk. I break out my Iron Boot Flask and Footsteps of Illidan every chance I get. This group is here to have fun.

This all came about because The Insiders guild finally formed a West Coast time zone raiding group. They are fresh to ICC but they still got past Deathbringer on their first run. (and one shot Lady Deathwhisper) The group is a bit under geared, even my alt that ran with them is behind the raid curve a bit, but they have great team work. Best of all, despite most of the team being new to the guild, they act like friends. The raid leader runs things like a good leader should, gaining input from the group often, listening and thinking about what was said, and then making a decision that is appropriate for the team. This team acts as a team, the group good matters a lot more than individual achievement. (Unlike some other raid leaders and former raid team members that I know)

So why is this team so much more laid back? Do the West Coasters just have a surfer mentality to their gaming? Are they just more friendly? I am starting to believe that might be true. They are also not being influenced negatively by people who care more about themselves than the group. There is no purple fever, there is no raid leader envy, and there is no raid leader dictator in this group. I don’t know if things will stay that way forever, but for now it is really nice to have.

So, here is to the West Coasters of The Insiders. Stay strong.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on June 6, 2010.

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