Rested, Recuperated, and Ready to Respond.

Firefighters have a nice phrase they use when it is time for a down day. The truck captain will come in after equipment checks and tell us he wants us rested, recuperated, and ready to respond. This is a signal to us the crew that there will be no extra duties that day. It means we can sit back and enjoy each others company, socialize, and overall just relax. It does not take us out of our normal duties of responding to an incident, but it removes some of the stress of filling the boxes of paperwork that are required by the supervisors. (training, inspections, etc.) The reason there has not been a post recently is because I have been in that mode in my personal life. I took a short vacation with my family and took a break from World of Warcraft and this Blog so that I could simplify my life a bit. (for only a couple of weeks)

So how can this apply to you and your raid group? Raiders perform better if they are rested, they are more alert, they have better reaction times, and they think in a logical pattern. If you are getting to a progression boss late in your raid time it might be better for you to put that boss off till the next raid night so that your people are rested. Also, encourage your people to take  breaks away from the game occasionally to get their minds clear. If you know you have progression down on a boss, and the next boss is a pain (ie. Sindragosa), feel free to take a week off to let your people prepare mentally for that fight. Worst of all, if you are a raid team member and you are to the point of burn out, especially if you are a vital part of that team (Main Tank, Raid Healer), don’t be afraid of asking for some time off to rest. If you are a guild officer or raid leader, try to use your bench players to produce these breaks.

Breaks are important in your real life also. Never skip on vacation. Even low stress jobs can eat at you if you don’t take a break. Spending time away from the phone and the noise of real life will recharge your batteries. For a low-cost option, find a motel with an indoor pool within driving distance and just play in the pool for a couple of days, watch movies at night, and enjoy some local mom and pop restaurants in the area. Just remember to leave your cell phone off and leave your computer at home.

On a personal side note, I have a personal achievement to gloat over. I recently pulled off playing all four raid roles during Wrath of the Lich King. A big thank you goes to the Insiders, and specifically the West Coast Raid group that let me tank for them on my Druid Bear.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on June 21, 2010.

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