The King is dead…. Long live the new King! (part 2)

Yesterday, The Insiders guild took a giant step into a very bright future. The guild officers decided to place the guild leadership into the hands of Minaru. Other than being a bit of a grammar nazi, I think of Minaru as a good friend. He is strong and politically savvy and he has the wits to know when to make a decision and when to ask for help. I believe Minaru has all the traits that I listed in my ten leadership skills post. This change of guild leadership will be a good thing, I give all my support to Minaru in leading the guild.

Along with that change there were some slight guild structure changes, our former raid leader Xinnith has been promoted to Officer as well as my close personal friend Onondaga. This provided the guild with two new leaders who are strong and ready for the job. I support the decision to have these two men join the council of The Insiders.

Although I support David, I have decided that I must stay in the game to help provide stability to the guild. I still have many close friends that are in the game that I feel need my presence there. This decision is not without a time limit though, as soon as a game competitive to World of Warcraft surfaces, I will leave the game and hope my friends will join me there. (I am really thinking that next summer’s Star Wars game is where I will be heading) Also, as a sign of support for David, all World of Warcraft related links are coming off of my pages. (with the exception of Clearcasting and The Average Wanderer blogs) I also am through listening to podcasts such as The Instance, Casually Hardcore, and Rawrcast. Blue Plz remains on my playlist because he is not a fan based podcast and is highly critical of what Blizzard is doing. (besides, he is just that good) I am planning on linking to Bioware’s ad page for the new Star Wars game as well. I also will no longer be using World of Warcraft as a framework for my posts. I will instead use good leadership books to teach leadership skills and good teamwork books to teach team skills and allow you to find a use in-game. This will of course make it harder for me to write posts but I haven’t been consistent in writing recently anyways.

One World of Warcraft podcast I will be supportive of is the soon to be released podcast which Steve is planning to release. (I believe he said he wanted to call it The Liquid WoW show) Those of you who listen to podcasts and read my blog, please watch for this podcast and support it. I like to think of Steve as a friend and wish him success with both that show and his current Wizards 101 podcast.

Until next time…

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on July 12, 2010.

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