Consistency, Yeah right!!!

First off let me apologize for the long break from writing! A second (slightly unplanned) vacation, a bit of house hunting, and the excitement surrounding the pregnancy of my wife (yes, it is mine) has led to a bit of chaos in my life. Combine that with Lich King attempts and the frustration of trying to be a good officer for the guild have made my life sheer madness. I want to give a big THANK YOU to Chris from Liquid WoW, Bloodyarrow of Wyrmrest Accord, and to my good friend Nubs, for giving me a slight nudge to get back to the written word this week. (Nubs, leave the steel toes at home next time)

I also have decided to go back on what I said in a previous post. I will continue to use WoW as a framework because my last post was horrible. I find it hard to write about gaming and not include a game for the framework and WoW is the most recognized game out there, so here it goes.

Consistency: Firefighters love things to run in nice little patterns. Most fire departments have a daily schedule that is followed very religiously. Equipment checks happen on a schedule, preventative maintenance happens on a schedule, training happens based on a schedule. Of course we can’t schedule emergencies, they pretty much throw the whole system in flux, but as soon as the emergency is over we try to get back on schedule. Why? Because patterns in your life make you feel comfortable. Because things need to be done and a schedule makes people responsible for their time. Because there are things I want to do that our outside of the department schedule and as soon as we get done with the schedule I can do them. (like blogging and playing video games)

So in the real world, (especially you kids) create a schedule for yourself. This allows you to get done what others need you to do quickly and then get to the things you want to do. For my kids after school, it is HOMEWORK, then clean up their stuff, then eat dinner, and then play. I know the kids want to get to the play part, they even sometimes try to skip a step so they can play earlier. When they do I have to help them get back on schedule. (a parent’s job after all is to increase the child’s play time) Sometimes this means putting hard, painful tasks first and easy tasks last. Adults are not immune to this same problem; I have to mow the lawn, check the cars’ fluids, and any other tasks my wife assigns before I can play next Friday.  That is probably the order I will do them in, because mowing the lawn is no fun for me.

In game as a leader consistency is nice, if you schedule a raid the same days and the same times every week you will get people to show up most of the time. They will show up because they know it is the schedule and will only deviate from it if there is an emergency. (wow that tied in really nice) The only time you should break up the schedule is if something comes up realm wide or guild wide that disrupts the pattern, and then you should get back onto it as soon as possible. Consistency in rules is also important, if you treat your guild all alike they will at least respect you for it. I prefer to treat everyone nice, but I know some guilds are built on a different style.

In game as a player consistency in nice, if people know you are logging in around the same time every day, then they know how to catch you. If you sign up for raids and are always late then your raid leader knows he can ignore you. (yes, I did just go negative) If you are the guy that everyone can count on to be there and be flexible you will become an asset to the guild and raid. (hurrah, back to positive) If your real life schedule is consistent, then your in-game life can be consistent too. If either is out of balance, then the other will be also.

I pledge to you that I will try to be more consistent in my writing, but after all I am a firefighter and sometimes get distracted……

(oooohhhh shiny!!)

Until next time….

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on August 25, 2010.

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