“The Brotherhood” begins

I have created a guild on Wyrmrest Accord called “The Brotherhood”.  Every guild needs a vision, my vision will be written so that everyone can read and understand it.

“The Brotherhood” will be a guild built around mutual respect and friendship. We are going to raid as friends, PvP as friends, and do quests and reputation grinds as friends. When we raid, we will do it the right way. (which includes study, effort, and focus) When we PvP, we will do it the right way. We will be a team.

With the above vision I have set some goals which include:

1) Defeat every boss in the Cataclysm raids.

2) To see people with the PvP titles in the guild.

3) To ensure that people have the help they need to start or finish Rep grinds.

4) Above all to ensure people are having fun.

If this is what you would like from your guild, climb on board. I believe this guild WILL accomplish these goals, maybe not at a pace that is prudent, but it will be done. I will provide a framework for success.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on September 14, 2010.

5 Responses to ““The Brotherhood” begins”

  1. It’s hard to integrate PvP and PvE in the same guild. Good luck!

  2. Can’t wait to start!!!

  3. I hope to join ya’ll soon. I’ve been meaning to get back into WoW for awhile now, but something always comes up.

    Do you guys have forums or something? If not, I can make some for you. Or you could perhaps change all of the Insiders forums to your new guild’s forums.

  4. Mmm. I’m hoping to get Djinnmaster more heirloom items before Cataclysm. I’m missing a few things. Also want that nifty dalaran ring… almost had the first upgrade, if I remember correctly.

    I’m starting my new job in two weeks, at which time I can pay for WoW again, although I don’t really know about internet fast enough to actually play. I may look into one of those card thingies from a cell phone company.

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