Gotta have goals!

Learning how to set and track goals are a fundamental life skill. Everyone should not only know how to do it but should also practice and use the skill continually. Firefighters use goals as a means of establishing standard operating procedures or guidelines. They also use them to measure improvements to response and for individual growth.

These goals help people  focus on what matters. If the goal is to get two engines to a scene in ten minutes, then if it takes more time then we have to look at travel distance between stations or how long it takes for the individual crews to react to the call. If the goal is to get water flowing to the nozzle within one minute of being on scene then we are looking at how long it takes the driver to get his wheels chalked and the pump ready, and how long it take the nozzle-man to pull the hose lay.

With Cataclysm coming out it is time, for me at least, to asses the goals for the game. (both for me as a player and as well as for my guild as a guild leader) When setting goals it helps to be realistic, it is also good to be a bit idealistic. Don’t expect to be a high-end raider when you don’t have the computer and the time to invest in it. (if you do, more power to you) On the other hand, setting a goal to kill every boss in Cataclysm might actually be possible for any person who is willing to put proper effort towards that goal. Remember there is a difference between being a high-end raider and being an accomplished one.

After determining what your goals are the next step is always to document the goal. If it isn’t written, it isn’t done. Writing down your goals allows you to think about what it takes to reach that goal. It also allows you to track your goals to see (measure) how you are doing on your goals at a later point in time. Lastly it  helps you to communicate your goals to others which is also an important part of setting goals. Telling others about your goals forces you to have accountability for those goals. If things are not heading the right way, these other people can help you focus and get back on track. (think about the way Weight Watchers forces this accountability with weigh-ins) Communicating those goals also helps you gather team mates to help you achieve those goals, it makes no sense to set a team oriented goal that nobody else cares about. If your guild could care less about hard-modes then that should not be one of your goals as a player unless you are willing to change guilds or at least pug into another team. This applies to guild leaders also, if you are having trouble getting a team together now for heroic modes don’t think things are going to magically change come Cataclysm.

After your goals are set and written the last part is to find a way to set up how to measure how you are doing. If your goal is to kill every boss in Cataclysm then how fast or slow are you willing to be behind. Are you willing to be one tier behind? Is that the point at which you push your team harder? How about killing the last boss before the next tier comes out? How are you going to measure where you are at? If you find yourself lacking then you have to find a tactic to fix your problem. But if you never find a measurement, what triggers the thinking? If you didn’t lose the five pounds that week at your weigh-in then you have to do something about it but if you never weigh-in then you never know that something is wrong. (btw, yes I am a big firefighter, yes I have used Weight Watchers before, and yes I could snap your scrawny little neck like a twig if you made fun of my weight. lol)

So, do you measure up? Set some goals for yourself and your team.

Until next time…

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on October 28, 2010.

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