Guild Leader, are you prepared for Cataclysm?

We always like to tell our raiders “watch the videos”. The question is have you?

As we Guild Leaders prepare for Cataclysm you need to be looking forward with vision and planning. Total Biscuit has given us a few tools as guild leaders to study before Cataclysm even drops and I highly recommend viewing them.

The first one is a rep video. When you watch it I want you to not only think about your toon(s) but those of your raiders. You should be able to help “guide” your people down the right paths as they level up. Pay special attention to the head enchants and shoulder enchants as they will become quite important as most of us know.

The second video is the dungeon location video. This will help your people find the way to all the instances. (I for one am planning on having a big guild event where we all fly to all the dungeon locations together to gather up the instances) You should be able to describe in detail to any new guild members the locations in the future.

Some other things to think about:

Have you set a day to start raiding in Cataclysm? Is that projection realistic? For those of you with some experience in this please remember that the holidays fall right in you leveling time and will have an effect. (could be good or bad depending on the make-up of the guild) For those of you with out experience please realize it can take more than a month depending on how Blizzard has everything laid out to get raid ready. (this of course assumes that your team is serious about the leveling and what your definition of what “raid ready” is) The next part is have you told the guild your expectations? Do they believe they can meet them? Discussing this would be a good thing for the guild to do.

How do you preserve raid days so that nobody goes out and fills that day with a new activity? I am planning on using Raid days as organized guild dungeon days. I am hoping that it will lead us to not only level and gear faster but to also remember that the guild is serious about raiding, that those days are important to our friends (or fellow raiders) to have available.

Lastly, having an idea of what toon people are going to bring up is important. Make sure that you verbally share that it is important to your guild that they make their guild main raid ready before messing around with alts. (this will be most difficult with your altaholic friends, try to help keep them focused)

Everything I just said above is important to those who run PvP guilds, instead of rep vendors it will be PvP vendors. (Like the one in Tol Barad) Your people will still most likely need to run dungeons for gear and enchant mats for the PvP season. Your people should know your expectation as to when you want them arena ready. They still need to know what arena ready means to you. They still need to PvP on your organized PvP days to ensure they stay active in-game, prior to the start of the arena season.  Your people still need to focus on their main PvP toon.

These are just some of the things that I have been trying to organize and plan prior to Cataclysm as I lead my guild. I hope these things help you.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on November 11, 2010.

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