Cataclysmic Destruction!!!

What a wonderful day it is. For those who don’t know my voice can now be heard on the Liquidwow podcast in a raiding segment for the show. Please download and listen to this podcast.  I have a new computer to replace the one that nuked itself the weekend before Cataclysm launched. I am getting very close to being a first time home buyer. But most importantly, my wife and I are expecting a new addition to our family come March. So please be forgiving about my writing frequency.

Along with my computer nuking itself, my rough drafts were lost, so some of the work that I was working on for the blog, as incomplete as it was, is now lost. As I have a type A personality and love everything to be checked three times before I let it out of my hands, this was a big loss.

I have gotten my main, Roadapple to level 85 with all tabard and rep grinding materials. My guild is looking like we might be starting raids ahead of schedule. I love my guild.

I must say I like the look of Vashir. The colors and life they put into that zone are great. I don’t care too much for the three-dimensional fighting. I love questing overall with the changes to the game. Everything is very linear and you never seem to get distracted when working in a zone. The gear reset was steep but the quest rewards were itemized well and the split of caster vs melee leather as quest rewards seemed fair and not one-sided. Deepholm, my new favorite zone, is colorful and panoramic. The daily quests, for the most part, seem to have good re-spawn rates and are of appropriate difficulty. The dungeons are once again challenging and people are back to learning how to play their classes again. There is still room for individual growth but most people are doing well. I have only had a few outbursts by idiots in dungeons who wanted to play it different. (one mage who over-exaggerated his dps comes to mind)

Overall, kudos go to Blizzard for making a good product.

Until next time

Don’t stand in the fire.


~ by firemantony on December 20, 2010.

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