Changing Directions

I very rarely play WoW anymore, my guild is moving onto SWTOR. With that it is time to take this writing in a different direction, one that I hope will keep me writing more often. The problem with writing about WoW, or any game really, is that there are so many people doing it.  You get lost in the shuffle and by the time you create a defensible opinion someone else has already said it. The same was happening with my Liquidwow segments. I would think about what to record and then just when I thought about talking about it, someone else was. I also found it hard talking about raiding on a show where the hosts weren’t even level capped.

So, I am sure that now you want to know that direction I am going in? Well, this page will be a creative page. Sometimes it will be opinions on the games that I play, sometimes it will be opinions on life, sometimes it will be reflecting on my past, and sometimes it will be about nothing in particular.

I was inspired to do this because, 1) I don’t, now, have the funds to hire Libsyn to host a podcast that I have in mind to do, 2) I have things I want to say but no other outlet that is appropriate, and 3) many of my friends have been taking up the pens, pencils, and keyboards in an effort to create literary work and I am hoping I can be a bit of a muse.

It is likely that once I do get the funds to hire Libsyn that this blog will once again become a bit abandoned or be rolled into a mid-week piece for something that I didn’t want to share on the air. I am leaving the old WoW stuff on here because there are people who may still want to look at it and because there are some pieces (like the Leadership piece) that I think are still appropriate.

Until next time,

Don’t stand in fire!


~ by firemantony on September 18, 2011.

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