Fireman Tony is a 30 something Firefighter who enjoys gaming. (more specifically Racing and RPG’s) He currently holds certifications for Firefighter 1&2, Fire Officer 1&2, Hazmat Tech, Apparatus Driver/Operator, Aircraft Rescue Firefighter and Driver/Operator, Fire Service Instructor 1,2,&3, Wildland Firefighter, Fire Inspector 1&2, and Fire and Life Safety Educator.

He primarily plays World of Warcraft on the Horde side of Wyrmrest Accord for The Insiders guild. (toons: Enthralled, Entrailss, Entitled) The Insiders guild was formerly based off of the Inside Azeroth Podcast hosted by David Sanna, Steve Hamner, and Salty Katerina. Fireman Tony was a guest on Episode #42 of Inside Azeroth. The Insiders are now part of the Vanilla WoW guild network, along with the Gardeners of Gilneas. (Alliance side on the Runetotem server)

You can follow Fireman Tony on Twitter (http://twitter.com/Firemantony) or you can always leave a post on the Inside Azeroth Forums.


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